Apple Service Provider Relationship

To submit an iOS app to the Apple App Store, Apple requires that individual agencies setup an Apple Developer Account to host and distribute the app in the App Store.

OCV has created a step-by-step guide that agencies can follow to assist in the account setup. This guide includes steps for initial setup, as well as steps for transferring an existing app to a newly created developer account. Additionally, this guide provides a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, as well as contact information for the OCV Support Team. While the agency must setup the Apple Developer Account due to Apple’s verification requirements, it is OCV’s desire to serve each agency and assist in the process wherever possible.

When an agency follows the setup process, OCV will operate on behalf of the agency as a third-party “Service Provider,” as defined in section 2.9 (Third Party Service Providers) of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement. This means that OCV agrees to uphold Apple Developer Program policies and maintain the standards and procedures set therein. Additionally, OCV will dedicate a support team to monitor the agency’s Apple Developer Account and inbound communications from Apple. As OCV carries out Service Provider responsibilities, including but not limited to uploading TestFlights (i.e. versioned builds of the app), setting apps to be released, submitting app updates for support and maintenance, etc., OCV will communicate directly with the agency on an as-needed basis whenever unique circumstances or matters of importance arise.